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Appetizer Menu

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Cold Appetizer

Edamame   3.9
Lightly salted & boiled soy beans
Seaweed Salad   3.9  
Seafood Sunomono   7.9
Cucumbers topped with crab, shrimp, octopus & surf clam.
Octopus Sunomono   6.9  
Shrimp & Crab Salad   5.5  
Ika San Sai   5.5
Seasoned small squid salad.

Hot Appetizer

Gyoza   5.9
Crispy deep fried dumplings served with tempura sauce.
Spring Roll   4.9
Deep fried vegetable spring rools served with special sauce.
Agedashi Tofu   4.9
Deep fried bean curd topped with special sauce & garnish.
Yakitori   4.9 - 5.9 - 6.9
Your choice of meat (Chicken, Salmon, Shrimp) & assorted vegetable skewers broiled with Teriyaki sauce.
Vegetable Tempura   4.9
Lightly egg battered & deep fried vegetables served with tempura sauce.
Chicken & Vegetable Tempura   5.9  
Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura   6.9  
Crispy Calamari   7.9
Lightly egg battered & deep fried calamari served with spicy aioli sauce.
Crunch Salmon   6.5
Lightly egg battered & deep fried salmon topped with masago & ponzu sauce.
Spicy Baked Mussel   6.9
Broiled mussels served with smelt roe sauce.
Soft Shell Crab   7.9
Lightly egg baered & deep fried crab served with tempura sauce.
Beef Negimaki   7.5
Sliced beef rolled up with green onions & broiled with teriyaki sauce.

Sushi Appetizer

Sashimi Sampler (*)   9.9
Assorted slices of raw fish (Chef's choice)
4pc Sushi (Chef's choice) (*)   5.9  
Sushi Starter (*)   6.9
California roll & 2pc sushi (Chef's choice).

Salmon Tataki (*)   8.9
Thinly sliced seared salmon topped with ponzu sauce.


Tuna Tataki (*)  9.9


Spicy Tuna Tataki   10.5
Chopped spicy marinated tuna.


Side Orders

Only with Main Entrée

Vegetables   4.9  
Chicken   5.9  
Salmon (*)   6.9  
Sirloin Steak (*)   6.9  
Shrimp   7.9  
Scallop   8.9  
Filet Mignon (*)   9.9  
Lobster Tail   13.9  

* Steaks are cooked to order. Sushi and Sashimi marked with an asterisk (*) may contain raw or undercooked fish/fish ingredients. If you have questions about anything on our menu, we'll be glad to answer them. Give us a call at 678.541.6000.