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Hibachi Menu

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Shogun's Hibachi Dinner

Served with Shogun Soup, Shogun Salad, Shrimp Appetizer, Vegetables, Steamed Rice & Dessert. Substitute Steam Rice With Fried Rice 1.5 or Brown Rice 1.0

Hibachi Vegetables   10.9  
Hibachi Chicken    14.7
(white meat)
Tappan-Yaki Salmon   16.9  
New York Steak    17.9
(Prime NY Strip IBP Choice)*
Tappan-Yaki Shrimp   18.9  
Tappan-Yaki Scallop   19.9  
Filet Mignon*   21.5  
Shogun Signature Teriyaki Steak*   18.9  
Teriyaki Tuna*   18.9
(Cooked to Order)
Lobster(2pc)   MP  

Shogun's Best Combination

Shrimp and Chicken   17.9  
Shrimp and Salmon   18.5  
Shrimp and Scallop   19.5  
Steak* and Chicken   18.5  
Steak* and Salmon   18.9  
Steak* and Shrimp   19.5  
Steak* and Scallop   19.9  
Steak* and Lobster   MP  
Filet Mignon* and Chicken   19.9  
Filet Mignon* and Salmon   20.9  
Filet Mignon* and Shrimp   21.5  
Filet Mignon* and Scallop   21.9  
Filet Mignon* and Lobster   27.9  

* Steaks are cooked to order. Sushi and Sashimi marked with an asterisk (*) may contain raw or undercooked fish/fish ingredients. If you have questions about anything on our menu, we'll be glad to answer them. Give us a call at 678.541.6000.